Dormform Product Information

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Dormform Product Specifications

  • Soy-based visco elastic memory foam
  • 38" wide x 80" long (fits any twin or XL beds)
  • Flame Retardant
  • Approximately 2" thick
  • 1.5 Pound Density

Soy-based, visco elastic memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam molds exactly to the contours of each individual which makes for a sleeping experience unique to every person. It is an open celled foam and reacts quickly to any adjustments your body makes during your rest.

Fits any Twin or Twin XL Bed

Most dorm or bunk size mattresses are 38" wide by 80" long. Dormform's dimensions are tailored to fit all mattresses within 6" of the standard by having the ability to fold, roll or cut to an exact fit.


Dormform is a "soy based" product which leans toward the "green" side of living. Its key ingredient is the natural resource of soybeans rather than petrolium and other harsh chemicals. Soy foams use significantly less crude oil and 100% of the soybeans used are harvested and provided by American farmers. While "bio based" foams are not organic, they are certainly a step in the right direction.

Relieves Pressure Points While Providing Additional Support

Our topper creates a comfortable and luxurious feel by pulling pressure away from trouble areas, such as the hips and shoulders, that over time will cut off blood flow to one's hands and feet. This significantly reduces tossing and turning and leads to a more restful, better night's sleep. Dormform's dense nature also fills in the lower back and mid-thigh area to provide better support for back sleepers.

Durable and Retains Shape

Visco elastic foams are called memory foams because they keep a memory of their original resting shape. No matter the size or style of the sleeper, Dormform will fight its way back to its normal state to continue to give night after night of sleeping comfort. Soybean foams offer improved strength and durability over conventional foams by naturally having a denser cell structure and feel.

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